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Text contribution (left) Chanelle A. Bergeron and image (right) Wahyu Eko Prasetyo
Other Worlds 2
photocopy on silver paper

Other Worlds is a zine of queer visions of the future. These visions are utopian and dystopian, exploring mystic realities, dream worlds, and future worlds that look something like our own. Other Worlds Zine investigates possibility using comics, drawings, and text by queer artists.

Issue 2 of Other Worlds features black and white artwork by Angélica De Jesús, Anabel Kai Yin Khoo, Chanelle A. Bergeron, Gelsey Amelia, Ghostspine, Kiernan Dunn, Leonard Reidelbach, Ruth Ex, May G.N., Maybe J. Sadeghi, Mia Rexach, Nic Jenkins, Savanna, V Adams, Wahyu Eko Prasetyo, Coral Short, Angela Gabereau & Visionaries of Future Visions video project. The second issue of Other Worlds is themed alchemy and transformation. Other Worlds issue # 2 is organized, printed, and designed by me (V Adams).